Senator Bernie Sanders is seen as a promising threat to Hillary Clinton — along with Evan McMullin — in the Democratic primary, a pundit on The View says.

Sen. Sanders of Vermont has "popped in polls" and is being compared to political newcomer Evan McMullin — a Republican-turned-independent who entered the 2016 presidential race against the Republican nominee — said Joy Behar.

The California lawmaker, noting that the senator was currently running in New Hampshire in the latest wave of campaigning, told her co-hosts that he looked to be a very real threat to Clinton for the party's nomination.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll of New Hampshire voters showed Sanders is polling at 27 percent of the state's primary electorate compared to Hillary Clinton's 43 percent. Former Vice President Joe Biden was in third place with 12 percent, while Dr. Jill Stein came in fifth with only 5 percent.

The Alaska-based McMullin became a naturalized American citizen and registered as a Republican — taking donations from moderate Republicans — for the 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton, which he lost despite winning 37 percent of the vote in Utah. At the time, he made mention of his beliefs that Trump was a "real threat" to American democracy, as well as addressing what he saw as an underlying narrative among Clinton supporters that she needed to hire more advisors of color to reach voters.