Juul Labs, the largest manufacturer of e-cigarettes, is “completing its current relationships and capacity to produce” its products. That means it’s bringing the heat, in the form of a shrinking range of offerings, just as a legal push intensifies to protect the interests of big tobacco companies and its younger customers.

On Friday, the heads of two key federal agencies issued reports declaring vaping products to be addictive and a danger to public health — changes in the definition of an addictive drug necessary to help speed the sale of anti-smoking products to those under 21 years old, and stiffer sanctions for selling to minors. Meanwhile, New York City made its first attempt to restrict e-cigarette advertising, by banning its presence on billboards and bus stops.

To handle the larger of these two trends, Juul Labs — called “America’s Sweethearts” by its fans — is pulling the plug.

“Under pressure from numerous concerned parties, we are discontinuing all at-home vaping products and closing down our Juul Labs manufacturing facility,” a spokesperson said in a statement.