After Manny Machado decided to sign with the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday, Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen took it upon himself to express his opinion on the matter, telling people at Dodger Stadium: “I’m upset.”

It’s possible Jansen was responding to a quote he recently gave in which he said it was up to the players to choose their representatives and asked reporters to stop talking about him.

But Jansen made a larger point, arguing that the situation of defrauding players of signing bonuses resulted in a lack of faith in the system among baseball players. The players, in turn, couldn’t blame management if they have no faith in signing bonuses.

“It killed a lot of young careers,” Jansen said on his Twitter account. “It tarnished the game. I’m happy that it’s done with.”

The Astros allegedly defrauded players signing bonuses to players for the 2018 signing class by taking what the players’ union called “extra fees” out of the bonus envelopes. The Astros have denied the claim.

Shane Robinson, a former Dodger who played for the Astros and Marlins, also weighed in on Twitter.

“The disrespect that they showed their peers & fans will forever be unbearable,” Robinson wrote. “These franchise should be embarrassed. And they will be.”

But perhaps a bigger issue was that of the integrity of the players. Jansen is a very likable person. But don’t you dare ever expect him to hold back his opinion on any matter.

If Jansen was upset with Machado, Machado should be upset with Jansen. If Jansen was upset with the Astros, Machado should be upset with Jansen. How many other players have been victimized by signing-bonus scams?


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