FLORENCE, Ky. (CBS) – A 10-year-old boy has died from a methamphetamine overdose, nearly two weeks after police found him along with his 16-year-old friend snorting the illegal drug.

Police said Luke Wideman’s overdose was the result of inhaling in oxygen one of the dangerous stimulants, methamphetamine.

The pair were caught overdosing in the middle of a busy street, on March 27. Police said they had been sniffing the drug and “doing high-risk drugs” at the family home.

“Custody of Luke Wideman was returned to Ashley Wideman,” the sheriff’s office said in a release. “Luke had been living with the Wideman family for about four years and had graduated from Floyd Central Elementary School.”

The arresting officer said that even though they were in the middle of a busy traffic jam, Luke was still able to alert him to where they were, CBS affiliate WLS-TV reported.

“I told him don’t put your face in the gas tank and when I got up I could see he was, was not breathing,” said Florence police officer Tommie Reddick. “So I started CPR. I didn’t notice blood until I got his pulse, which was not a lot and it went down really fast.”

Luke’s mother Ashley Wideman was sentenced to three years’ probation, CBS affiliate WKRN reported. She also agreed to complete rehab and drug education classes.

Luke and his friend were both sent to the hospital.

Luke died on Thursday, April 5, just a few days before his family’s child custody hearing, police said.

Police said his death has been ruled accidental.