What started as a joke in the law office became a reality when two marital attorneys shared with HuffPost how they decided to turn their work home into a co-working space called Vestine by Rebecca and Diane. “That might be the most vibrant place in a community to learn from each other, talk to each other,” Diane told HuffPost. “You can see people are having fun in here.”

Toking on that in the Long Island offices of Do He Say and Diane Diamond Co., which turns the brick-and-mortar firm’s meeting room into a “group space” and its reception area into a place for events, they focused on a good atmosphere and a small area that still offers privacy for “agents.” Do He Say. Ad nauseam. In one particularly popular room, there’s a karaoke table. Which Rebecca, the firm’s plaintiff’s lawyer, says is the No. 1 request.

Do He Say is interested in launching a full-service office that runs dog-friendly open houses, dog-friendly social events, and various lunch and break time activities. It wants to get involved in its community and Rebecca and Diane hope Vestine becomes a big tent. Though the name, Vestine, “is to disrupt the suits and gray collar/salary structure,” Diane told HuffPost. “My love of color and design and passion for creativity, they all come together in Vestine.” For more info, visit the Do He Say’s website.