Skin care website The FaceShop provides its audience with full-body guidance on how to best access the fixings for good skin. And the Wellove app is the venue of last resort in cases of follicular malfunction. (Editor’s note: They’re also partners with our sister publication, Allure, as print advertisers.)

1. “If you’re blemished, you’re not ready for a clear skin look,” suggests The FaceShop dermatologist Jane Belmore. Use the Wellove app to “get the best results.”

2. “Match your lip products with your skin tone” — a clever trick she recommends doing in the real world if you find you have a lip stain that won’t appeal to the medium to full spectrum of your face (with a pinkish tint and a light shade of red). But eye makeup can be trickier.

3. Before applying any product, “get a good idea of what the product will do to your skin, because that’s more important than just telling people what to wear,” Belmore advises.

4. You can save money with a pick-and-shovel approach to cutting back on the products you no longer need. For example, you could sell the last of your mascara on Instagram and reduce your makeup budget by $30 to $50 a month, but that probably wouldn’t affect how your skin feels.

Belmore’s further notes: