Lizzie McGuire creator Shaun Cassidy is opening up about the canceled Lizzie McGuire series and the way he felt as he was fired from the TV adaptation of the hugely popular '90s sitcom.

In an interview with Inside Source, Cassidy talked about the concept for the new Disney+ series (he co-created) and what happened behind the scenes.

The creator, who was reportedly fired by Disney earlier this month for not bringing in enough viewers, said that the original idea for the new series was a coming-of-age story "like that of the male version of the Scream cast, but without horror [as a theme]."

"It was basically Lindsay Lohan's Mean Girls meets Breakfast Club. I pitched it to Jon as a coming-of-age story, almost like Summer of Sam, and then it evolved into this coming-of-age drama where all the kids had super powers, with each kid picking a superpower that was inspired by their aunt, such as Circe's death wish or Veronica's [Lohan's character] ability to levitate," he explained.

Disney ended up picking up the series in 2016 but it stalled before it even started production due to money issues.

"I heard the inside story. It's my understanding that Disney backed out of their deal due to unrealistic expectations about ratings," he explained. "It's not my job to front a schedule that everybody can understand. Everyone's job is to back their deal. We were delayed for years over this."

Cassidy said that he was able to talk Disney into making changes to the script, for which he was "thankful," but he still didn't understand why Disney made him the choice.

"[I] felt that we were years in development and had a lot of really solid story ideas; we had a ton of adult people involved in the show; we'd just finished up three books in the same series and we had already shot an episode at Disneyland," he said. "I wasn't sure why they were cutting back production for creative reasons. Not one moment in our experience with Disney made me feel as though the decision was made on a creative level."

And although the delays have set the new series back, he hopes that it will come to fruition.

"With [Lizzie McGuire the series] going as far as it did, we would have been celebrating its 10th anniversary next year, which is great," he said. "I hope they pick it up and give it the full-tilt production [it deserves]."

This article originally appeared on Inside Source.