NASHVILLE—Saying that the holiday’s playful, emotional juxtaposition was one of the many reasons he now looked forward to celebrating it each year, local man Martha Saunders told reporters Wednesday that he’s finally finally come to terms with love. “Well, let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day has never really made me very happy. But I must say, the last few years, especially this one, have been a real pleasure,” said the 31-year-old, adding that after considering the relationship he had to forge with the character he played in his Web series by the time he was about 13, he realized that it was the humble disposition of Valentine’s Day he now loved most. “Here’s the thing: Even if you’re not the type of person who displays tons of emotions—even if you’re afraid you’ll make a fool of yourself—valentine’s day is such a lovely day for all kinds of people to be vulnerable and vulnerable to, like, anybody. No, make that everybody. I mean, I’m sure I have a few angry loners who would really prefer some boinkin’, but there’s no real reason for me to be inhibited. And fuck it: If I fall in love with a person after being with someone who told me she loved me, I’ll do what I’ve got to do.” At press time, Saunders was reportedly shredding the literary masterpiece Chéri, about a man who sacrifices his ambition in order to help his brother find a woman who has a penis.