PROVIDENCE, RI—At a frantic pace, local resident Kim Siegal and her date, Joshua Roberts, were reportedly “running around a lot” attempting to prepare an apartment the designer and interior stylist had left totally unfinished for them, sources confirmed Thursday. “We were nowhere near this apartment when we booked our one-on-one, so we all really need to get cracking here before she can show up on Friday,” said Siegal, adding that the two had already spent an astounding 37 hours in a car searching for various appliances and furniture items Roberts had left unsecured in the apartment’s lower level. “We had the key, but Joshua found one of the closet hooks too tight. It’s been nonstop since the day after he left, with Josh coming in to unpack and you can even see some of the coffee grinder sets that were back in the closet were collecting dust. They even took the pink sapphire nail polish back out of the case!” Siegal confirmed that during the last two weeks she had spent at least 22 hours in her own car in search of some personal items Roberts apparently left behind in the kitchen.