Logan is a shy, quiet little boy. His soft pink tummy dresses up in make-up, boots and a hoodie and he wears a bit of googly-eyed magic in his eyes. He has your number and you know it.

He’s also a red-headed horror with a totally different idea of what beauty should look like.

Such as a baseball cap over a fat ass, a sweater over a fat face and clown make-up over a fat head.

He is not going to starve for your approval.

He just wants to be yourself, like the rest of us — to be loved just the way you are.

Body positivity is never without its great causes — unfortunately these things can get misconstrued and mistaken for something else. And sometimes those causes can make it hard to ignore the causes if they’re not in you.

Until now.

Logan’s brother grabbed his phone in the morning to catch up with him. (The camera was on when they left to play soccer. Logan was having difficulty hearing, so we hope he picked up the camera.)

After a brief chat, Logan leaped up and gave his brother a smooch goodbye.

But rather than the usual pose, Logan nuzzled up to his brother in the kiss, head tucked under his arm.

The love in that kiss was not about looking pretty or someone approving of you. It was just a kiss. A human one.

It’s been a good week.

See the goofy GIF HERE.

Happy National Body Positivity day.

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