Video game professional JJ Lin recently announced his eSports organisation was to acquire Makan Cendol, the exclusive football club of Malaysia, from CS:GO franchise Krogen Hills.

The four-time Guinness World Record holder in the League of Legends – with an impressive record of 53 dragon skulls – Lin is better known as ‘Whiplash’ from his Mandopop music days.

Currently, he has about six million followers on Twitter, who he tweets to throughout the day, even during his day-jobs. However, the music scene is not what he is into – he does not work in it or perform live.

On his Minecraft streams, he can still reportedly move the gameplay and progress at almost 12 hours a day. Lin spent his childhood watching football and playing League of Legends.

Having struggled as a football player, he found help on Twitch while in college and he is now excelling in the gaming world by combining his football coaching with his booming moustache.

Lin does not always perform on behalf of his Krogen Hills team, but instead works for his own eSports organisation and team to compete against other Overwatch League teams.

When it came to the acquisition of Makan Cendol, he had already made his move towards eSports at Krogen Hills, when he took two members of the team and bought one of their team mates.

He decided to do that with the aim of making this a different investment for the club.

When asked about his growing love for League of Legends, JJ is elated: “I have been playing League of Legends ever since I first saw it on YouTube as a kid. Even though I had a career as a singer, if it wasn’t for eSports, I don’t think I could have found a team like Krogen Hills.”

TeamLink for eSports

Culinary arts major and fellow Mandopop recording artist and DJ, ‘Mikey Vijay’, always tries to support JJ in the Dota 2 game and now he has to support JJ’s eSports organisation by attending MLG New York on Sunday.

“My little act is to bring it out of the basement and showcase it to your fans and also media [attendees]. Sometimes, you only get to meet people in the music industry and that is why my act is called ‘Techies for Dogs’, because we take an action to change and draw attention to the love for the game.”

Coach-player role-play

He does not actually coach his own team, but tries to guide them while doing their things and bring out a winning performance every time they appear on the map. The NPC himself does not offer any real-life advice about playing the game but just generally encourages and helps them win.

He has about 20 members altogether on the player side and says the team is always ready to win, whether they are going at a charity event, a contest or even a performance. He does say it is his job to use the tools and technology available to make winning, rather than being a frontman.

However, he does not just use League of Legends games to be a music star – it is actually a hobby which he loves to do during his day-job.

JJ doesn’t hold any aspirations of becoming a teacher in the future, but dreams of one day becoming a coach and could also turn his hand to coaching teams in the future. He wants to start his own franchise like Dota 2, so that those who are keen to compete and do well would have a great network and coaching support to do so.

Professional gaming and arena organising aside, the former Mandopop music star says he loves the sport and the game with an overwhelming passion.

When you wake up that morning, it gives you the feeling you can do anything, so he encourages his followers not to give up on their dreams. If you need an urge or an idea, just tell him.

Never ever stop working towards your goals.

JJ ends by saying, “If you are always thinking positive, you will get somewhere in life.”

JJ Lin is working on creating a music album from the Moon to the Sun in 10 years.