MANCHESTER, England (AP) — A man charged with endangering a female commuter aboard a packed train in England has apologized for being coughing on the packed train. He also said, "I have L'artista l'ha fatto ancora."

L'artista is Italian slang for "dirty," a derogatory term for an immigrant who sexually exploits or is promiscuous. It's unclear if 41-year-old Thierry Alder was using that precise translation when he reached into his pocket and coughed near the woman before the train pulled into Manchester Central Station Thursday evening.

Alder, who told a Manchester court Friday he had never before been in trouble with the law, is accused of threatening to infect her with the plague, Ebola and HIV. The woman stepped away from the train as it pulled into the station and was taken to a hospital.

Alder reportedly was unshaven, had bald patches and was smelling of alcohol. He told a judge he was "very sorry and I want to apologize to the lady and her family," adding that he's had surgery on his shoulder.

Alder is expected to appear in court again next week on the suspect charge. He has not been charged with any violent offense.