Written by Staff Writer by Caleb Astmington, CNN Vancouver

In a tragic accident, a 52-year-old British skier died in South Africa after asphyxiating on his jacket because he kept pulling the coat over his head during the chair lift ride.

The incident happened during a free-fall chairlift ride at the Autostrada Urubamba in the Carlinas mountain resort on Friday night.

The incident was filmed and posted to Facebook by local user Heather Costin.

In the video, the skier is seen using the lift to fly from the bottom to the top of the mountain, before pulling a thick brown jacket over his head -- the type of heavy garment that is resistant to static electricity.

After the man steps on the chair for the last time, the jacket won't budge. The next thing viewers see is the man, unconscious and barely breathing, being dragged by the jacket, along with the chair.

South African police told CNN in a statement on Tuesday that the man had died of asphyxiation, a normal cause of death for a person who wears such bulky clothes to endure the stress of rapidly rising temperatures in an enclosed space.

Autostrada Urubamba Chairlift via Facebook

"It was then the lift was abandoned, he was removed from the lift for a thorough medical examination and was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead," a police spokesperson said.

Priscilla Wynn, the owner of the ski resort, released a statement about the incident, saying the resort has adopted safety measures to avoid a repeat of the incident.

"We place an absolute priority on the safety of all guests on our resort," Wynn said in the statement. "We have worked closely with our partner, Whitesands, and our medical team in an effort to ensure the incident was as quick as possible and our safety protocol met international standards."

Among these safety measures are regular inspection of the chairs and their suppliers.