In 2017 I decided to change my life and live as a hermit for the year, cutting out just about everything that would be a distraction. I paid money to be sent to a “hermit resort” in France. It involved being completely cut off from any of the 24 internet devices I owned. It included receiving nightly calls from an operator informing me how many items I should come by so I could be trapped in the forest and starved (say what you will about hermit resorts, but at least the telemarketers don’t bother you anymore). It also meant using a phone only twice a week and going to the bathroom once a day using a bladder bag. I was required to clean every two weeks for “hermit food”, which isn’t really food, it’s just water. When my uncle called with the good news that I was sent home after three months and thousands of miles away from home, my face fell. Of course, I still had to get up every morning and wear shoes, so I lied and said I didn’t need to wear any shoes anymore. I only went out in the woods when I needed to go to the bathroom.

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