Written by Steve McAnon, CNN

If you decide to stay on a crowded cruise ship during a norovirus outbreak, it's generally best to wait until the waters clear out.

But not Everett Gollub, who decided to tell his tale to broadcaster Iceland Now via a video interview in which he said "I'm not going to evacuate the ship."

According to some news reports, the self-proclaimed nursing home resident -- who referred to himself in the video as a "healthy 50-year-old guy" -- offered a different justification in a Facebook post , writing, "if you are not ill you can stay on board unless you are in isolation. I'm not sick but don't want to get poked and prodded."

"I don't want to take everyone out because I just feel that all these people are taking advantage of me," he said, telling the broadcaster he thought the remaining passengers should be moved to an adjacent ship.

Gollub, who according to news reports lives in the south of Iceland and writes some puzzles on the internet, did not immediately respond to CNN's requests for comment. His views, however, do not appear to be in line with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the public health agency for the United States.

To the surprise of no one, CDC officials issued an advice bulletin this week urging all cruise ship passengers who have symptoms of norovirus to stay home from work or school and "exercise caution while publicizing that you've been diagnosed with or exposed to norovirus."

Norovirus is a highly contagious virus that can make people violently ill.

Before the recent outbreak, passenger health has been apparently more or less in order, the CDC says, so reports on the ongoing norovirus outbreak among passengers on the Diamond Princess, a 2,413-passenger ship operated by the Princess Cruises company, have focused largely on what the agency describes as the matter of who arrived at last Friday's cruise port of Akureyri, on Iceland's southwest coast, and who wasn't there.

"Norovirus is spread by direct contact with sick people, improper hygiene, and contaminated food or water," the advisory statement reads. "If you get sick, stay home and don't go to work or school until you are well."

According to some news reports, the incident occurred after the ship returned to its port after a weeklong cruise from the Greek island of Corfu. In the video interview, Gollub said the norovirus outbreak began on the eighth day of the cruise, on February 7.

At one point in the video interview, when asked whether he thought he had contracted norovirus, he replied, "I don't know." But he went on to say, "if you ask anyone with a diagnosis (of the virus) they will all say the same thing:

"I would say I'm a real coddler and a cranky person."

In the latest statement from Princess Cruises, company spokesman Chris Johnson said that "out of an abundance of caution, everyone on board the Diamond Princess is quarantined."