Major League Baseball’s President Rob Manfred has acknowledged for the first time that there was stealing of signs during the World Series and the League Championship Series for the Houston Astros — which was confirmed by third-base umpire Dale Scott.

However, the Astros are not facing charges.

“We are still looking into it,” Manfred said Tuesday night in Indianapolis. “While it’s illegal and should be treated as such, I don’t think we were as specific as we might have been able to be without being accused of trying to interfere with the investigation.”

Manfred said that there was some consideration about giving the team a warning because the Astros had the potential to gain an advantage.

“But we didn’t want to take any actions that would somehow be perceived as being retaliatory,” he said.

Game 4 of the Series — a game in which the Astros won 3-1 to seal their win — was briefly delayed when umpire Michael Pineda was forced to walk the Astros’ Alex Bregman after he charged the mound and lunged at a sign.

Houston star Jose Altuve also made his displeasure known when he pointed to his pocket after Austin Pruitt pitched him out.

“I wanted to have his attention,” Altuve said after the game. “I was surprised.”

The series ended in Houston with Houston winning in six games, their first title since 2001. Altuve and other members of the Astros went on to be voted on as the Most Valuable Players of the Series and the World Series.