DES MOINES, IA—Inducting recipients into their custom-made “Chocolate Heart—Treasure By Design” program Thursday, the Mayo Clinic announced its eagerest chocolate-loving patients will receive an exclusive, swanky chocolate heart transplant at any time this month. “This is exactly the treat you deserve this Valentine’s Day, and it will give you a very special memory to treasure for the rest of your life,” said center director Jim Mathis, adding that patients are asked to make a special appointment to have the $50 transplant surgery performed on their preferred gift of choice as soon as possible so the process can be completed within the allotted 60-day transplant window. “A sweet man’s love can grow truly rich with a decadent chocolate kiss, but these patients will have the added benefit of receiving a chocolate heart tailored to their personal needs and preferences. Our renowned experts will ensure every patient is brought up to snuff with the fine art of chocolate design.” Mathis added that heart transplants are notoriously sensitive to temperature fluctuations, as they may go white with even the slightest change in blood pressure, making the choice of a chocolatier with impeccable taste-taste are particularly vital.