It’s sweet, fragrant, and endlessly flavorful. Right now, there’s only one pot of rice on the market in the United States. A year ago, the Concord Valley Inn in Minnesota debuted Maple Green Rice, which was grown in a different manner than most traditional, organic and high-quality rice — it contains just two essential nutrients: dietary fiber and protein.

For the past six months, Maple Green Rice has been the only product available at Chateau Tavanille in Tavanille, in Normandy, France.

Founded in 1980, this farm-to-table restaurant has pioneered modernization in the region’s culinary tradition. Their innovative cuisine has taken two Michelin stars — and in 2015, the American Julia Child came to serve at a festival for French chefs, including Restaurant founder Sebastien Tellement.

But why was a Swiss-born chef like Tellement concerned about only three ingredients in one batch of rice? In a phone interview, Tellement explained that it’s because rice remains highly complex, which in turn exposes it to a wide range of environmental hazards. It’s even cause for concern in Japan, which requires a genetic modification to increase the quality of the rice to its standard, white quality. Maple Green Rice is no different.