Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Sometimes puppies learn a lot from their dinner guests. That's what happened to Maggie on Air India's new speciality, "Better World Friendly Flights" from Bangalore to Madurai via Nepal, Vietnam and India.

The airline teamed up with Mumbai-based animal trainers Gemma, who have been working with B-school students for over a decade to develop B-words like "havan" and "spandex" into usable English words.

Over the course of 30 days, Pet Hero brought 53 exotic birds and 11 new puppies onboard these special-made flights. The first time though they were likely nervous about meeting their flight companions.

Leanne Tong, also known as an animal yoga teacher , held a multi-course gourmet dinner for the living room of the aircraft. The usual fare, like chicken tikka, fish curry and biryani, was replaced with homemade pasta for the entire aircraft.

Maggie didn't get on well. She couldn't stand up, kept crowding the front of the plane and didn't like the noodles. Some airline staff told Gemma this was a good thing as it would make the birds get to know each other well.

Others thought it was rather weird. "She would just have her head down all the time," Gemma said. "She came to the end of the flight and gave us a very awkward kiss goodbye."

Once settled into their new home, flight attendants were able to develop a rapport with them. Lots of this was down to Emilee, a fluffy English setter puppy with short hair who was served as a companion to Precious.

Precious the English setter gets to know Precious the boxer. Credit: Air India

According to Gemma, Precious knows about 8 words, two of which are "havan" and "spandex" and one more related to global warming.

"It's amazing, because she feels like part of the family," Gemma said. "When they were very young Precious would bring a little toy outside and don't know anyone is watching her, so she hides."

According to Gemma, Precious can't talk yet but she has learned to use her tail to communicate.