The coalfields have confirmed a large fire burning near Wentworth, near Hobart, has swept across to Manjimup, in the Wattle area of Tasmania.

The fire appeared to be burning on the east side of Manjimup, south of the town.

The emergency warning for Manjimup has now been downgraded to advice, although crews are still working to control the fire.

The coalfields told WDFNL on Wednesday that the fire had moved into Manjimup from the Green Wattle Creek blaze in the state’s southwest, where it had burnt out more than 7000 hectares.

WDFNL also reports that smoke in the area has created hazardous and dusty conditions.

The state’s acting health minister, Roger Jaensch, confirmed a helicopter dropping sand in the West Coast had been suspended due to dust and poor visibility.

Five aerial tankers are currently dousing the fire which has its origins at Green Wattle Creek, about 30km north of the town of Manjimup.

At the same time a separate fire burning towards the New Wales border is still being let burn and threatens the town of Lismore, while a bushfire that has burned out more than 17,000 hectares in the Grampians in Victoria has reached Windermere Village, about 10km north of Yarra Falls.