A double-decker bus with the American flag on the side took to the streets of Atlanta on Friday, barely 24 hours after setting off from a shopping mall in a “Strike Against Trump” protest against Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

This felt like the time to get an altogether different perspective on the protests in our nation’s capital.

A group of them headed toward the city’s Beacon Park, a common space with a playground, during lunch hour on Friday. When they got close, there was a horde of media gathered along the sidewalk and a crowd of strangers. They played air guitar to a local DJ and joined in spirited song, some in signs and others simply smiling as they hugged and high-fived each other.

After about an hour, they left the park and headed to the terminal. Inside, media gathered to ask them why they felt the need to participate.

A line of immigrants, many wearing winter jackets, joined the group, creating a protest group roughly a mile long. Some yelled “USA!” as they left the terminal.