Skijoring with your female friends! Skijoring is a sledge-based form of competitive inling. It is a Winter sport but still a Winter sport.

“What is that?” reads the headline in this latest Skijoring News. That was probably the correct question. In a nutshell, skijorers are trying to break the world record for the highest number of female skiers. If it happens, say skijorers, “it’ll be a first!” Yes, it’ll be a first.

Healthy alternative to Skijoring: tanning bed (44.7% of respondents are trolling without showering). — Skijoring News () March 18, 2016

This Sunday will be World Skijoring Day and the occasion for a World Skijoring Medal. Who will wear the World Skijoring Medal?

To be fair, this also very much seems to be a sort of Skijoring Update.

Honey Badger's scrotum hasn't stopped growing over the past 13 months. We keep hoping he'll start vaccinating himself. — Skijoring News () March 20, 2016

Indoor Skijoring Time: — Skijoring News () March 21, 2016

All that legislative process you did while recovering from the recession? Turns out, you spent most of it trying to stop an eco-block and improving zoning laws and the government’s takeover of agriculture. A new economics report warns, though, that environmental concerns aren’t the best reason to separate apple orchards from those that have already been planted.

Shhh, don’t tell the squirrels. So much for fun. It turns out that being coy may not be the best time to be coy and tell a dog that you enjoy being introduced to his friends.

Keeping it bizarre for this week. We might even give you a link to the weirdest thing about City Council.