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In the Iranian-American community, it’s a known fact that conservatives — not to mention evangelicals — are often branded as the “right” and liberals are “the left” … for the simple reason of content.

The two sayings used to show people’s true loyalties are: “I like who I like.” Or, “I’m a liberal, but I think conservative ideas are just as good or even better.”

After The Pathé Group engaged in a pro-Iran campaign against Donald Trump, new information has come to light about that work.

With the election and installation of President Trump, that trend has accelerated. While many suspect their work for The Pathé Group in western Iran may be a politically motivated, the legal obstacles to hiring Iranian citizens for political lobbying has remained blocked.

According to legal experts in Iran, signing Iranian citizens into the United States can technically result in four-year prison sentences for violating U.S. sanctions, but it’s seldom used due to Americans’ constitutional rights to free speech.

A recently unearthed document reveals that people like Rich Frankel and the MindfulPundit, and Sam Bushman (a self-professed D.C. lobbyist), were hired by The Pathé Group. The documents showed how the client paid them each $100,000 to travel to Iran and pass on information.

Frankfurter Allgemeine, a publication that focuses on Germany’s Western Federal Republic, reports that the final report was crafted by Rich Frankel who is currently the chairman of the United States Immigration Reform Action Committee. Frankel worked closely with anti-Trump lobbyists on ways to further alienate the new president and could represent a trend.

Image was taken from the panel of the "Love Me Or Leave Me: The Dinner Party" at the Suburban Home for the Dying in New Jersey on Oct. 18, 2018.

Furthering Frankel’s work in Tehran is a November Instagram campaign by Dine-in.com, an organization that works with restaurants and chefs across the country to speak out against cruelty to animals and serve non-vegan options.

The organization tried to drive home its pro-rejection message with a series of photos portraying Republican politicians, including Trump and current White House adviser Ivanka Trump, while being led by the Iranian socialite and model Chrishon Nichols, better known as Chloe.

The photos, which were captioned “hard to beat the vegan Kardashian trio,” were directed towards Trump’s youngest daughter and criticized her for supporting a man who was falsely accused of raping and murdering children and has been sanctioned by the U.S. Government since 1998.

Sally Rosenstein, founder of dine-in.com, told Esquire that the photos were intended to be a tongue-in-cheek rally against all the anti-animals messaging by prominent politicians, such as Ivanka Trump, saying, “We wanted to get the message out to everyone that dogs, cats, and yes even chickens are mistreated in this country. It was the first major public campaign about animals in 20 years. It was a lot of fun and the publicity generated brought out an unbelievable amount of new attention to this issue.”

According to Medium’s Yoav Shoham, who interviewed Rosenbaum, “I also found an interesting element to this campaign – indeed it is called Chloe by dine-in – that she has been dined (literally) by two other American women — Trump and Ivanka — during her time in Tehran.”

In the lead up to Trump’s historic inauguration, the mood in Iranian-American America was undeniably anti-Donald Trump. But, according to Shoham, “this post-Javadi campaign was prompted by news of an anti-Trump tweet by Ivanka with the hashtag .”