When this boy came out to his parents as gay, they wanted to do something good for him. So they got rid of his prized possession.

"I just left a container of Hobo Tires in the garage," wrote mom Jennisha Cobb on Facebook. "Please be kind about it."

Pint-sized inventor Zack McCutcheon, who goes by Zeke, has tinkered with making wheels with glue and balls of wrapping paper for the past few years. His latest invention is the Hobo Tires, which he designed using rubber bands, glue and pretty much any other item available at your local Goodwill, according to Marshalls & TJ Maxx.

"It was nothing really you wouldn't find at home. Just something he probably would have found even though I don't think he really thinks of it as a garage sale," explained Cobb, who learned Zeke's secret hobby last summer from her friend Stephanie Patton. "I'm not a car person so I never really wanted to bring him out of the house, and we'd only done garage sales before anyway so I figured that this would be one he was just gonna be like, 'Woo-hoo!'"

Determined to show support to Zeke, she added stickers to his Hobo Tires, which she bought online, and hit the road with him to do some garage sales with her little helper on the 6-year-old's home turf of Mobile, Alabama.

But Zeke didn't go alone to the dozens of transactions he attended. When Cobb's brother, Kenny Cobb, showed up at one of the sales, he was immediately disarmed by his sibling's and the elder boy's tearful testimonial of love. Then, when Zack came out, his parents decided to put their freshly shed racquetball and basketball trophies on a table to mark the occasion.

"Even though that room was empty, it was still filled with memories because of our time out there," Cobb said. "The trophies were still in their boxes, and this was our big moment, this was the big moment for Zeke and I."

While Nathan's dad and brother supported Zeke's leadership, Nathan's mother said that her daughter's reaction had been "weird."

"She was afraid she was gonna disappoint Zack. Because she saw him come to the garage sale and she didn't see the trophies, that did kind of freak her out," her dad explained. "Nathan was like, 'I was with Zeke the whole time, so I don't see why we're not going out.'"

In the end, Nathan could be forgiven, as Zeke gave his approval. But if you watch the video, you'll see that Nathan can't keep her hand off the tyke the entire time.

Zeke may have melted hearts everywhere. But when it comes to saving a life, he's not just lacking. Not on this family.

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