I do not know if it is because we are getting more attention these days for the work we do or because we are finally taking a stand for what we believe is right and just, but it is a fact! Not only is this affecting women’s lives in every state, but it is also impacting the future of our world.

The predominant way in which we are raising our children today is by parenthood.

Whether you are considering asking someone to adopt you a child or a family unit you already have, or you are making plans for when you would like to have your own children in a few years, the desire to raise them is now very real.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2017, the percentage of childless women who wanted to have children but had not yet done so (just between 17 percent and 24 percent) was the highest ever recorded.

The decision to have children is as complex as any that you have ever made in life, and there is a range of people who have a clearly defined (and approved) path to becoming parents: Moms who are looking for their first child of their own and becoming parents once they have reached a certain age; women who have adopted, or are just looking for the right person to be the parent that they want to be; women who are in an open relationship that takes their dating lives into consideration for future parenthood; women who desire children, but don’t want to have a child anytime soon because they believe their careers or lifestyle/training wouldn’t be conducive for raising children; women who simply don’t want kids at all; and others who are starting their careers so that they will be in a place in their life to bring a child into the world.

Because we live in a culture in which we tell ourselves, “You’re not married yet,” we also fall into the trap of thinking that we should wait so that we will get married.

We place many women in this same position because society has conditioned us to believe that we are too young to have children and that we should wait for the right man/girl that we meet to become the father of our children.

And so, we all struggle with this confusing decision.

Last week, I posted a photo of how I decided to save my 6-month-old baby girl in anticipation of the baby shower that I was attending. The picture prompted hundreds of comments from people discussing how they themselves have a similar decision.

I realized that we weren’t alone. The thought of having a baby also impacted the next photo.

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