Anyone who has been to, or lived near the nation's most iconic mountain can tell you the spectacular beauty that comes with traveling up there. But you also cannot leave the majestic journey without taking in one of the most inimitable views imaginable. You might even argue that the view out over Mount Rushmore is a work of art and a timeless testament to American history.

According to Clark Museum Director Greg Lenz, while the view out over the monument is stunning -- a view that everyone enjoys as they make their way up Mount Rushmore -- it's also unnerving for both hikers and those lucky enough to get a chance to visit the monument.

"It's always unnerving to have so many thousands of people standing around Mount Rushmore waiting for their turn to get a photograph of yourself," Lenz said. "I'm thinking there could be a Watermark out there."

In the early 1990s, a young park ranger made this discovery and shared his findings in the North Portal Book Room of the Clark Museum. He explained how the color in the spot to the right of the Mount Rushmore name "Chermiller," which is usually purple, was actually an exceptionally bright turquoise.

As Lenz learned, the sighting had been happening continuously since 1876. Why did it not get much attention?

According to Lenz, while many park rangers were around in those days, they had a lot more to do -- and they tended to stay the course on mapping plans that were crucial for any exploration.

According to Lenz, while visiting Mount Rushmore again recently, he was happy to see a group of women enjoying the scenery despite the fact that they were there for a hiking trip. He felt that his ranger's initial discovery had once again given visitors an opportunity to appreciate an otherwise overlooked piece of our nation's history.

However, it's not just Mount Rushmore's spot to the right of the name that makes this view memorable. Just look at all the way out there!

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