HALFORD, MD—Addressing anxious fans gathered at the eponymous town’s public library, area fantasy novelist Nan Rice patiently fielded questions Wednesday from diehard Final Fantasy 7 fans about everything they’ve been dying to know about the upcoming Japanese role-playing game remake. “Why would you want to destroy an entire city in the name of an adorable dwarf?” asked Andrew Batchelder, 23, for one such pressing question. “Since the massacre of Sephiroth’s home of Uteng, why would you want to stand over the corpses of his first mother and first wife? Why do you hate her so much? Do you consider a third wife unnecessary? We honestly have no idea how to answer any of these questions.” At press time, Rice informed the forum that the next logical step after trying to make sense of the answers provided was to know just how Enote’s own brothers responded to the events of the game.