Welcome to the world of pourquoi des crepes a la chandeleur. Pourquoi des crepes a la chandeleur are the most delightful of all…and the best way to celebrate National Pancake Day! "Hot off the griddle" pancakes from James Street’s Total Pancake House in Trenton are ready for purchase on February 23rd for only $3.67.

It may be the first thing we ever learn in French, but word makes no true sense until it’s translated into English, so we’re learning it right now! Later this month, residents of Trenton, N.J. may be able to celebrate National Pancake Day the right way, with a luxurious crepe from James Street.

Filled with sweet and savory ingredients, James Street’s Crepes a la Chandelleur are made fresh each day in small batches and melt in your mouth. These crepes a la Chandelleur are the very finest in each region of France—from Lombardy to Brittany to Champagne. Sure enough, the Crepes a la Chandelleur sold in Trenton are as fresh and flavorful as the best that exist overseas. They may not be as expensive, however. The two-for-one special at Total Pancake House supports the New Jersey chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating cures for blood cancers. Get on the fast track to goodness here.

Get those crepes a la Chandelleur and pour your coins on National Pancake Day on February 23rd, and remember the World’s Most Famous Pancake Day, on March 4th when we donate to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide. To find your nearest participating location, check out the site here.

Andrew DeMeyer