Here are the teams sitting on the NCAA tournament bubble – teams that could have that one win or loss at a key moment turn into a wall or might put their chances in jeopardy. We've since added the new bubble score, a simple equation that looks at RPI, strength of schedule, non-conference results, etc.



SYNOPSIS: The Blue Devils (21-4, 8-4) are a flawed group that has yet to look anything like a No. 1 seed. They are heavy favorites in Tuesday's tiebreaker game against No. 10 Miami, but are otherwise, of course, still up for grabs. Duke has lost four of its last seven and is slipping in the ACC standings.

Betting Odds: 12-1 (Dale & Rice)


SYNOPSIS: The Sooners (16-7, 5-5) may go quietly. Beat Texas Tech and win the season series against Kansas and No. 8 Oklahoma has a chance to sneak in as a No. 6 seed.

Betting Odds: 29-1 (DraftKings)


SYNOPSIS: The Jayhawks (18-5, 9-3) have the best RPI – No. 13 – but that might only serve to frustrate them. They don't want to be part of the conversation. Kansas has lost to underwhelming Wichita State, DePaul and Georgia Tech, as well as middling Auburn.

Betting Odds: 9-2 (DraftKings)


SYNOPSIS: The Owls (17-6, 7-4) are sliding again and the one-game, season-series tiebreaker with Louisville is going to help them. Temple has won eight of its last nine and owns a decent RPI – No. 26.

Betting Odds: 40-1 (DraftKings)


SYNOPSIS: The Scarlet Knights (11-14, 3-9) are inconsistent, but have beaten three MAC teams in a row and have the best strength of schedule in the conference. The average last-five wins are over 15-14 teams.

Betting Odds: 60-1 (DraftKings)

South Carolina

SYNOPSIS: The Gamecocks (14-10, 5-6) were picked by some to break through to the field of 68, but it hasn't come to fruition yet. Wins against LSU and Texas A&M are mildly encouraging but don't indicate they will jump a top 50 team on Sunday.

Betting Odds: 70-1 (DraftKings)


SYNOPSIS: The Cardinal (11-13, 5-7) just blew a double-digit second-half lead against Iowa State. That's trouble, and their worst wins are against Gonzaga and Oregon.

Betting Odds: 100-1 (DraftKings)


SYNOPSIS: The Minutemen (13-13, 4-9) are getting picked on by most outside the program, so they could go with an openly embarrassing losing record in an attempt to stay competitive. This wouldn't be a shocker. They have given every Big East team fits this season.

Betting Odds: 500-1 (DraftKings)

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