ZURICH (Reuters) - Nestle said on Monday it has issued a voluntary recall of a customer product in Europe because its packaging includes tiny pieces of plastic.

The consumer goods giant said it had recalled its Froot Loops Lipton High Protein Froot Loops in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Austria after the tiny plastic pieces, made up of thinnest plastic pieces, were found to contain other plastic.

Nestle said it was confident that Froot Loops was safe to eat and that the issue should not pose a risk to humans.

“We are in touch with affected retailers and consumers and we are committed to keeping them informed,” Nestle said in a statement.

“Anyone who ate Froot Loops Lipton High Protein Froot Loops in this batch and has not already contacted Nestle Consumer Products to report any incidents should return them to the store where they were purchased.”

The recall is not affecting Nestle’s Lipton Iced Tea or Danone Pure Life in Europe, the statement said.

In July, Swiss watchmakers Richemont and Swatch withdrew a limited edition watch after metal bits from an unopened package started going into the customer’s wrist.