CARSON CITY, NV—In an effort to address its unfortunate history of lax election security measures, the state of Nevada confirmed Wednesday that it would be switching to the electronic voting machines currently in use in California, Miami, and many other large, high-crime, out-of-the-way U.S. cities. “Despite the exhaustive inquiries we made to various state and federal officials, for obvious reasons we couldn’t seem to get a straight answer regarding the security of Nevada’s voting software,” Nevada governor Brian Sandoval said as he signed the bill into law. “One thing we found with our questioning of the federal Office of Management and Budget was that, of every state with an election that took place in the last ten years, only four of those states had conducted their voting machines to the exact standards prescribed by the Department of Homeland Security. If we’re looking for a model for future Nevada elections, that’s just about the perfect one.” When asked for comment, the Federal Election Commission referred inquiries to states like Virginia, Florida, and Indiana, the least-secure of the medium-sized, coal-mining states that remain forgoing the rigorous, reliable guidance provided by its public address system.