More details of its new plane design were revealed by Airbus Group on Monday. The first detailed images of the space-saving design of its future aircraft, dubbed the winged plane that floats or flaps, were released on Twitter. The demonstrator can be seen behind the advertising hoardings of a large Airbus shipper in south London.

The company confirmed last month that it had designed a prototype of the wing, codenamed The Fly Me experiment. It is known as a “probe” or “scratch” plane. Boeing also has a prototype of an all-new jet engine, the proposed X-15, which on Monday showed the same silhouette.

From below, you can see how the composite composite wing is coupled to the airframe and treated with a suspended airfoil. The airfoil is made of a composite material. As a result, the “wing” of the plane is very efficient in air temperature and winds. On top of that, the plane has fewer or zero mechanical components on the wings. As one CEO said, he was able to build “the size of a rhino from a swimmer’s foot.”

The result of this innovation, however, is that the plane is expected to be fully-automated and capable of a lower maintenance cost. The vehicle would be lighter and quieter than an airplane and run on a single engine.

“The design of this mechanism completely changed the way we talked about aircraft,” said chief research and technology officer Antoine de Saint-Affrique. “Fitting the airplane with a hybrid wings allows you to make much smaller and lighter aircraft – and you don’t have to invest in complex systems, so you can save a lot of money and run a much cheaper airplane.”

The Fly Me experiment is in a test phase.