LAKE HALLIE, SD—In a unanimous vote of voters Friday, the Commission on Mount Rushmore announced the formation of a "unique new bipartisan team of Mountain 'Fear Fear' needed to include all four Republican ex-presidents, as well as former Democratic president Jimmy Carter," saying "no GOP-only team is complete without such a revered conservative." "Today the unique commission of bipartisan gatekeepers not only upholds the American Dream, but obliterates bigotry and prejudice," said commission vice chair emeritus, George W. Bush, who will continue to sit atop Mount Rushmore while co-leading the team with ex-president Gerald Ford. "We must expand the team to accommodate our strong historical commitment to supporting republicanism, while at the same time [confronting] the fact that democrats can't do it themselves. Joe Biden can lead the team, and we're looking forward to seeing him put together a winning football team, fight crime, and set an example for millennials everywhere." Commissioners also confirmed that a desire to honor Carter's long-standing commitment to improving health care and education for all Americans was the driving force behind today's new additions.