The Times’ newest iPhone game uses gaming to play on the president of the United States’ most well-known issues: his repeated accusations of voter fraud, his baffling business practices, and his refusal to release his tax returns.

With your character in the White House, you can successfully negotiate deals, listen to guest speakers and navigate the news of the day.

The general secretary of GK Bach, a busy and busy person, decides to get out of town on the road and head to his aunt’s house for a visit.

The president decides to switch his location with that of GK Bach. GK Bach is now dealing with people who don’t understand his language and asking for help from his aunt. Meanwhile, he has to see off a human trafficker to save his nephew from sexual abuse.

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Tried the ? Now it's ready for you on your computer or mobile device, get it today — NYT Tech () February 13, 2019


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