The New Yorker magazine has announced that they will be doing away with the standard New Yorker font by using one from a new line of journals that just came out.

Over coffee in an airy cozy new room at Slate, Twitter Editor Dan Kois told me that this “has kind of been sort of in the works” for a while now.

As you probably know, the magazine already uses Cryptogram and Opus fonts, which he said are “great,” and which they “work really well” with the whole look of the New Yorker.

What are the possibilities for a New Yorker sans serif typeface? Dan: “It’s not like we’re looking for a bad font! We’ve been so happy with the standard fonts, they’re fantastic, so now we’re trying to use our influence in the design world to add something new to the palette.”

So, the New Yorker will go sans serif? “All signs point to it,” Dan said.

Do they need to? “So many fonts are designed for things they don’t need to use,” Dan said. “I’m not sure why we have all these great flat styles, especially if we’re not looking for a way to bring simplicity, which is important, but this is a lot more useful if you’re designing something that you’re using a lot!”