Two days after a former bartender and party promoter confessed to the fatal shooting of a Florida doctor, police said the robbers got far away from their crime scene thanks to an in-car GPS system.

Officers responding to reports of gunshots fired in the middle of a busy street early Monday found shooting victim Dr. Mark Neuman on the ground, in front of a home. Police described the apparent attempted robbery as “barbaric.” As police raced toward the home, they got a tip. They found that the suspects’ vehicle was GPS-enabled.

“In this case, in the middle of a downtown New York City street, the suspect vehicle was been left in an abandoned lot, it was located by a civilian,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said at a press conference.

Soon after, detectives had a name for their suspects: the VH1 “assassins” Travis Hill and Kiarostami “Mike” Harper.

“You dumb and dumber. You cowardly, cowardly, criminals,” O’Neill said, addressing the pair.

In a stunner, police announced they matched DNA recovered from the scene to Hill and Harper within hours of the crime.

“They murdered a doctor and left behind a gun that the assistant district attorney would use today to try the case against them,” O’Neill said.

Hill and Harper were arrested Tuesday at an apartment in Brooklyn, where police discovered the murder weapon in a filing cabinet. They face charges of second-degree murder, first-degree robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

O’Neill said that Hill may have been involved in more than one killing, and that Harper, also known as Mike Boy, may be involved in other crimes.

“The NYPD is not done with you guys,” O’Neill said. “We’re going to find you.”