Kukausa Elevator System Ltd., a key partner of the London 7:17 project, has been awarded the engineering and construction engineering and technology services contract for the “London Moored” dock project. The company is a Norwegian provider of marine elevator services to supertankers and other container ships with its business expanding to over 150 ports worldwide.

The Moored project is the second known Kukausa machine undertaking a major task in the U.K. industry. In 2015, the company provided the lift system for “London Flyover Tower 3” — a project that ultimately led the firm to be awarded a U.K. Establishment Level 7/87 engineering level status by the Ministry of Transport in November 2018. The system was also made eligible for the UK Large Crane Contract Award, with Kukausa having the highest number of bids received for the project.

For this latest job, the company delivered a Kukausa Elevator System comprising a work station cabin with lift cells in various sizes for the lifting of break bulk containers and caisson loaders; hang systems for rowing off and horizontal owing; cable prep/power handling and underwater patrol support. For lifts, Kukausa’s latest in its highly customized mechanical heritage elevator systems gave vessels “with storage capacities between 15 to 300 TEU a safe and efficient lift that is flexible and easily adaptable to clients’ requirements,” according to the Kukausa website.

The contract has already been awarded and is due to be completed in 2020. The overall project supports a 2,300 square meter pier and is part of a wider project to refurbish the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). Together with London Light Rail, which itself is providing the DLR works, the work will see 10,000 workshifts undertaken.

The contract will see the Kukausa Elevator System being provided by offshore crane firm Hitrona in an innovative arrangement with the London Docklands Light Railway companies. The firm will provide its crane services directly to Kukausa but the companies will also make use of the Kukausa machine to lift into the Kukausa elevator system.

According to the Kukausa company, they have already established a 4-year agreement with the HITRONA and London Docklands Light Railway teams.

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