So I read a single article last week which just wiped me out of the millennial mindset. In a nutshell, this article told me exactly what I wanted to hear. The article indicated there’s an Amish community out there who for reasons of self preservation no longer practice AMISH customs. It also mentioned that their children are searching for answers in social media and are growing up in all the information age social media. But there was one thing that led to the end of the article and knocked me back: the Amish children are not falling for the disgusting “learn to use social media” conversation. The Amish children know social media isn’t real, and don’t fall for it. More importantly, what do you mean “fake”? Sure, its content that looks real and it’s being viewed, however to us, if it looks real, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. So my question was: does this mean it’s kind of fake? I suspect that very little of the content posted on social media is anything that I would consider to be real. It’s humorous, but what if there was real value to what you saw? So it came to me that if what I want to see isn’t real, where do I get my real information from? Why not search for information on the internet? The answer is right there in just five simple, easy-to-grasp GIFs: GIF Style-Go:

GIF Treatment: