That’s right, it’s “Mother-Daughter Doppelgangers” day!

The annual Mother-Daughter Doppelganger contest, put on by Mother Magazine in January, asked a mother of a girl “to step into the shoes of a mom,” and see if the comparisons are uncanny.

From there, candidates for the contest moved on to a second round, where they had to explain the similarities between them. There, the next round comes and goes – and Mother Magazine takes the ladies into home evaluations with their respective mothers.

So while both are truly children of their mothers, one gets to see her mother’s side instead of just seeing her own side.

New York’s 27 finalists represent all nine New York City boroughs, including Staten Island.

In the video below, 11 pairs can be seen – 11 sure-fire doppelgangers, if you will.

Have any parents out there said they would’ve done the same to their kid if they had the chance? Let us know in the comments.

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You can learn more about the contest here.