On Tuesday, nonprofit philanthropic groups Greenpeace, the ACLU, and Color of Change along with the Oscar-nominated actress Jordan Peele sent a petition to the Office of the TLD Administrator urging it to reject a private equity firm’s request to register the .org domain. The petition urges the top level domain operator to allow .org to remain under public oversight and management. To date, 28,875 people have signed the petition.

The same private equity firm, co-owned by Coingate owner Ken Langone and J&R Music World, is also requesting to register worldgovernment.org, childandcustody.org, and civilrights.org.

This could be interpreted as government censorship.

“Today we are launching an online public campaign with some of the most respected and notable global institutions to ensure that a powerful private interest group will not be allowed to block the movement for a world without censorship or capital,” the organizations said in the statement.

Below is the full statement from the petitioners:

Statement of Concern for .COM Domain’s Public Oversight

Early January 2019

Allan Friedman, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the TLD Administration, recently proposed the following purchases:

WorldGovernment.org 1-3030 Worldwide ownership of the vast body of online space that includes domains that describe international and other critical issues of importance, including but not limited to government censorship, non-citizens’ health, Internet safety, disaster relief, rights to privacy, and human rights.

ChildrenandCustody.org 1-3030 Broadcasting of any action that would create a chilling effect on kids’ access to broadcasting, so as to reduce critical broadcast content for kids.

CivilRights.org 1-3030 Censorship of viewpoints/argumentation for the advancement of human rights, for example, by the government.

The Internet Freedom Foundation has maintained that the .com domain is not for censorship – it’s the most available domain for free speech.

Moniker and Verisign should reject the applications for the below domains and require CCF staff to evaluate each application to determine if they are in the public interest.