This is not an article! — Omarosa Manigault❤️ () March 31, 2019

Former White House Communications Director Omarosa Manigault said during a televised interview on Sunday that she refuses to call anyone at the White House an “honorary citizen.”

“I don’t want to classify them as being 100 percent a patriot, but I would categorize them as persons who made a very conscious decision to continue the politics of the late 21st century,” Manigault told “Fox News Sunday.”

She made the comments after host Chris Wallace pressed her on why she called White House Chief of Staff John Kelly a “cunning devil.”

“I was wearing that dress because of President Trump,” Manigault said, referencing the Oval Office red gown that she wore while dining at the White House with President Trump in February.

“And the people who have been loyal to President Trump, very cunning, very clever people, but of course the people who have made the decision to continue the politics of the late 21st century. Not the politics of the late 20th century and not even the politics of the late 19th century,” she said.

Wallace pushed back on the characterization.

“I don’t think the people who have been loyal to President Trump have been cunning,” he said. “I think they’ve been good loyal citizens. I would categorize them as honorable people who made a conscious decision to be loyal to the person that they consider the greatest thing to ever happen to America and the leader of our country for nine months.”

Wallace pressed Manigault on whether President Trump has ever asked for loyalty.

“He’s not prone to that kind of behavior,” she responded.

An administration official said the White House was blindsided by the comments, and White House spokesperson Kelly told Fox News there’s no truth to Manigault’s comments.

“There’s no truth to this story, and the White House rejects the notion that these words were taken out of context,” spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said.

Manigault is currently working as a co-host on ABC’s “Celebrity Big Brother” but she resigned in December in the aftermath of the White House.

Manigault told Fox News she has no regrets about her time with Trump.

“I will always support Donald Trump because we made history together,” she said.