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According to USA Today , an Emirates Airlines passenger who was offended when another passenger "felt free to recline her seat and do whatever she wanted" on the aircraft, replied with this simple, albeit brilliant response.

The video, shot during a flight from Washington, D.C., to Abu Dhabi, has been watched almost 1.5 million times since it was uploaded on Tuesday.

The video, captioned "Respect your fellow traveler ", shows the woman getting up and remaining seated as she reclines her seat while the other passenger, a first-class traveler, gets up and continues to sit with her back to the aisle.

"Just a very simple message to say - 'Nice rest,'" the fellow passenger, who uploads under the name ReddFleq, writes in the video description.

He, along with some crewmembers from the same flight, stopped filming when the other passenger obeyed. But he added she was a "very nice lady" and that she didn't seem to complain, which is how he decided to interrupt.

She, however, didn't agree. "That's never acceptable. Whoever does that, they need to be put in their place," she says while standing next to the first-class passenger.

"That's what people need to be reminded of -- when they read that rest."

Using the hash tag , ReddFleq also shared that he'd been “granted a private test flight” in a Qantas airplane for $100.

"So my advice to you is: if one of your wings looks like it's being shelled by the Sahara, it's probably safe to recline."

He later uploaded another video of the flight.