After a 2017 split vote that killed net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began the long process of dismantling what some call the best internet regulation you can have. Many want the power to carve out special fast lanes for particular parts of the internet—for instance, email, streaming, and video—and charge special fees to content providers who want to reach consumers. That means websites that run afoul of this “fast lane” could have their traffic blocked or slowed down.

There are a few ways that supporters of net neutrality can weigh in.

Option 1: The Public

YOUR VOICE HAS BEEN HEARD. It's time to let the FCC know you think it's wrong. VOTE FOR DEBATE OPENING TODAY AT 2:30 PM ET

While you might not be able to sway the future of the internet on a national level, you could influence local elections, make your voice heard at the FCC, or take a stand in the midterm election, which will feature the repeal of the decision. And other similar legal efforts might be launched in other states and around the world.

If you're interested in seeing the latest numbers for a national push, please consider checking out nonprofit open data site,, which can deliver those polls with a click. In addition,, Google, and Facebook are each offering tools to allow people to make their voices heard—and make money. Over the weekend, it's been estimated that people from around the country donated about $73 million via the four platforms, according to the Times.

Google employees, for instance, have been funded to contact their elected representatives and to spread the word about the repeal. In December, started a Protecting the Internet for All campaign, encouraging every US worker to request their employer, if any, be more pro-net neutrality. And Facebook has an open letter from users asking CEO Mark Zuckerberg to stop the FCC’s plan.