Twitter, America’s lonely heart, celebrated Valentine’s Day by announcing a cards giveaway to every MLB team — even those two guys and one woman in the Miami Marlins organization. Not the cheesy team names or choice of holiday. The Nationals put up a message in support of love right in the middle of the platform.

The fan relations department shared the news on Twitter in hopes of spreading the love and addressing all the guys, women and their families who may be scrambling for a Valentine’s Day gift (beach towels or jerseys? LaCroix or Fruit Roll-Ups?).

Check it out:

: A 6" special edition cotton Valentine's Day card for every player and all you MILWAUKEE TEAM employees! Check it out 👉 — Nationals PR () February 14, 2019

Washington Post images editor Jennifer Frey is the team’s Twitter queen, and she has done it again. Even if she doesn’t totally understand your relationship (“Mr. and Mrs. Bertozzi, grab that corny-ass bowtie. Not the guy I know!”), she always manages to bring a sense of love and common humanity to her tweets, even when there’s more than a grammatical mishap.