Snackable content creates possibilities for learning on-the-go

Go for a run and you can reach for your phone to listen to some music or take your makeup off. Sometimes, you have to listen to content on your smartphone during activities like pitching an idea or going through a draft of a new business plan. Pocket the snack video-sharing app Vimeoi is now a tool for learning how to craft workplace presentations or share skills with colleagues, clients, or students. The app gives you access to a library of bite-sized videos with instructional tips, conversational tips, and development questions that you can capture to instantly share on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. “Discover more tutorials, expert tips, and methodologies through these on-demand bite-sized videos,” said Vimeoi founder and CEO Pierpaolo Cirio. “Read more stories and discover more experts to help you find the right fit, video content, and techniques to assist your development.”

Vimeoi is already one of the top downloaded apps on iOS and has a well-followed community of more than one million users. Vimeoi is currently free, but starting in May, early users will receive new content as part of their membership that will be available for free. Vimeoi gives a summary of the top paid video tutorials, as well as a list of the top paid videos to get started with or suggested handouts.

See the free app here.