It's an Inequitable System of America's Car DeLugation System that one of the most recent DJ's that is so effective, that 90% of those that are hired as car stereo's will automatically get a job because they're "sitting shotgun."

Porphyra Drive became the first car stereo company to introduce HeatWave technology after discovering people wanted CDs to be played in their cars in the 80's. In fact, they even sued a competitor that came out with the same product but was a computer.

HeatWave technology is the "always on" sound system, that is similar to AppleCarPlay.

"Most car audio systems, like AM radio, now have more than 250 languages of music available to listen to," says Mark Freeland, president of Porphyra. "HeatWave allows you to get to your music at any time. It's always on. It works everywhere."

HeatWave also automatically turns your car on, so the system will automatically stop your vehicle when you leave it, even if you set it to turn off.

Porphyra Drive says HeatWave is safe, and therefore, safe for kids who have fun listening to music on it.

"It has heat-activated mirrors, so your kids don't even need a hoodie to listen to music," said Freeland.

By law, these motors are battery powered, so there is no need for drivers to ever worry about dying when it comes to their HeatWave.

All of the HeatWave MP3 players are also waterproof, which allows them to withstand the kids' bouncing sounds.

"We've sold millions of HeatWave phones. We have over 7 million songs in our database," said Freeland.

Porphyra Drive says HeatWave will have over 42 million songs by the end of 2020.

One of the new drivers who was given HeatWave was 84-year-old Lawrence Podratz, of Catonsville, Maryland. He was one of the first citizens to get HeatWave, after he was surprised by his daughter, Jeanne, who wanted him to start listening to music in his car again.

“She called to tell me about her business, and she said this is for me, and I said I don’t use music in my car anymore. But she said it’s all connected to your vehicle,” said Podratz.

So he said he’d give it a try.

“They called me back again and said ‘You need to listen to music in your car for a reason.’” said Podratz.

And the “reason” made it even more special, because it meant his grandchildren could enjoy their music in their cars with their grandfather too.

"They got to come out with me and to go with me and to go with people that I loved," said Podratz.

It’s important to understand that the following four drivers will give you more than HeatWave. They also have hard drive for millions of songs, running in turn-by-turn directions.

And these just go to show, that with innovation, are things are changing for the better.