On Sunday mornings, Princess Marie-Chantal usually boards the same train car from Athens station to her home town of Andrataki. The train is relatively busy during this half-hour trip, and in this quiet suburb, the princess, 32, is greeted with warm smiles and gentle kisses as she gets off the train. Each time she sees the cheerful people in her neighborhood she gives a thumbs-up sign and waves.

It is customary for Greek royals to visit home turf during this period, and Marie-Chantal was welcomed with open arms. Greek officials said the princess’s visit was nothing less than “historic.” The princess served as head of the Greek residence of the United Nations, which she has held since 2011. Her role is to propose initiatives aimed at fostering a positive international image of the nation. As heir to the Greek throne, the princess also holds the title Crown Princess.

This Saturday evening, the princess was invited to inaugurate the new school she founded for children living with disabilities.

The following morning, she had a meeting with the director of an organization that works with sex workers, who also happened to be her friends. For Marie-Chantal, the meeting represents a step forward, and she has had to have a tough balance between keeping a personal life and her duty as a royal.

The princess has also been dealing with speculation regarding her marriage to Taki Theodoracopulos, the chairman of investment company TPI Enterprises. Prior to their engagement, the couple revealed that they would not be tying the knot until after the birth of their first child.