Last week came the incredible news that a handful of respected pro-Iran sources were flooding Twitter with misinformation, reportedly in an effort to derail U.S. hopes of using sanctions against Iran's economy to drive the Persian state to the negotiating table.

Such speculation, which was first reported by The Guardian, has intensified following Vice President Mike Pence's saber-rattling, which he outlined as attempts to initiate a new, diplomatic track to address Iran's nuclear program and ballistic missile program.

Pence explicitly stated that the United States is prepared to talk with "anyone, anywhere" about Iran's nuclear weapons program. He also indicated that the US would agree to terminate an existing nuclear deal and add new verification measures to it.

Based on an assessment from The Guardian, it seems likely that influential pro-Iran voices are voicing their scepticism about Iran's intentions.

The Guardian wrote:

Tweets published by , a Twitter account often used by pro-Iran groups, include comments about the assassination of nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan and Iran's continued support for the Assad regime in Syria.

These tweets point to an apparent effort on the part of pro-Iran groups to undermine the credibility of any US attempts to engage Iran on the nuclear file.

With tens of thousands of daily interactions with people all over the world, this effort has undoubtedly been a powerful tool in spreading a series of anti-US articles and quotes.

Informed experts predicted that any attempt by the U.S. to use the crippling economic sanctions against Iran's economy to pressure the Islamic Republic into accepting tougher terms to meet its obligations will fail.

However, it is precisely because the Rouhani administration has kept Iran's nuclear program peaceful and Iran's nuclear development responsible since the agreement was signed that Iran will have no incentive to give into the United States' demands.