In a move that seems more reactive than proactive, a section of Product Hunt no longer links out to listings, instead redirecting to the Ask A Product Hunt User's Team. This might not be a huge deal to most, but, if you want to see the newest listings, there's not much point in searching for products on the business part of the site. (Also worth a mention is the use of product superlatives and the ever-present bansom emoji).

Comments from Product Hunt community members, not listed products, are also now no longer the most often translated search results, with these results now coming in via Ask A Product Hunt User's Team's logs and asking users to explain why and how their products failed. Like the previous product-to-user-to-products-to-community sections on Product Hunt, all the questions/comments go to the Ask A Product Hunt User's Team; the system seems designed to make it harder for companies to break into the community so that would-be auditors have more reason to review proposed products.

Like, maybe Product Hunt needed to move to create these changes, because here's a search for a Kindle device at my stock frame rate in my snap-fish mode while drunk and desperately looking for a Kindle instead of trying to find articles about the pocket calendar I was recording last night:

Item quote - - "This is not my generation's own kindle!"

Item description - - " have to open your own pocket calendar to read the notes!"

Item thumbnail - - "Because that's funny. So does Microsoft."

Item preamble - - "Software developers, be warned..."

Though at this time, I can confirm that the Amazon Kindle screenshot was not the product with a "BS" on the side in red, it was, in fact, one of the screenshots with the "World's Most Refined Finger Scanners" patch, showing how the Kindle can read the handwriting on your fingertips through the camera.

That being said, Product Hunt claims that these features were requested by their community and made by their product integration team, so that new companies and entrepreneurs can, as much as possible, get feedback immediately from the site's small base of users instead of using Twitter or email threads. (For obvious reasons, Twitter doesn't allow companies to direct message each other.)

A number of Product Hunt users have sent out this feeling in the comments on Product Hunt. Will you agree that Product Hunt does a "great job" at talking about things?