Purdue University President Mitch Daniels, who chose not to carry the swine flu virus with him to the White House on Tuesday, has the support of more than a third of the campus, according to the results of a non-scientific poll conducted by the school’s student newspaper, The Purdue Tribune.

A total of 40 percent of students surveyed said they wanted Daniels to stay on as president while 6 percent said they would prefer to see him step down while a large share, 30 percent, were undecided. As his tenure at Purdue is about to end, Daniels, who was Purdue’s chancellor, is the chief academic and public affairs officer and likely for another two years.

Daniels traveled to the White House for an announcement about his appearance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as he recovers from the latest in a string of health scares that began last June, when the normally energetic Daniels decided to take a “work furlough” to rest up.

When asked what would be their first vote of confidence in Daniels, 50 percent said they would pick staying on, while 24 percent said they would prefer that he step down, while 17 percent did not know.